Monday, 13 June 2011

A photographic jog around Cambridge

Thirty years living in Cambridge, and twenty years running on the roads of this great city - but today I realised what a beautiful place this is to live. What was it that removed the blinkers from my eyes and the cobwebs from my brain to enable me to SEE my hometown with such clarity? Could it have been the tourists photographing scenes which I pass by every day, or the many people standing on the Garret Hostel bridge looking on to the river at the many people on punts, some howling with delight whilst others lie there cool and relaxed, without doubt a pro, a resident, a student! Or the numerous groups of people generally just milling around the various parts of the city, simply looking and admiring. Or, even the sight of artists sketching, and the melodic sounds of musicians busking, the smell of freshly baked bread and it seemed that even the homeless lying in doorways or sprawled out on perfectly managed university lawns appreciated their chosen beds, as even they had a smile on their face.
Today, on my six-mile journey, I ran past trees and fields I remember so well as a young person growing up, having spent many hours with friends chilling by the river laughing and chatting. Oh, those were the days!
In recognition of this, here are just a few pictures of beautiful Cambridge. There will be regular photographic updates of my runs around the city.

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